Doing Your Part to Combat COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has changed people’s lives in ways few thought possible. Here is what you can do to take steps to be prepared!

Getting Customer Hooked and Booked!

Customer loyalty pays off big time. A 5% improvement in customer retention rates yields a 25% to 100% increase in profits across industries.

Uncork your wine sales with wider offerings

Recent consumer shopping trends and sales data bear out that c-stores have become more competitive in wine sales.

Need to increase your Deli/QSR sales?

At a food ordering kiosk, you can customize your order and treat yourself to something extra without risking judgment from a store employee.

How do your C-Store’s Sales Figures Compare to the Nation?

It seems obvious your convenience store should stock the products your customers want to buy. But how do you make it happen? It’s different for…

Time to Evolve

Do you buy goods and services the same way you did before the Internet made shopping in your pajamas an actual experience? Of course, you…